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Saturday, May 02, 2009

i realized updating your blog using a laptop is so much more thrilling. It feels contented and it ought to be that way.

I have an online friend, and we only met up once out of spontaneity in Melbourne. He is kinda special as we know how each other looked like but never had a chance for further catch up/ bonding. But behind the computer screen, we are each other's aunt agony as we came from type A family, living in a mentally abusive environment.
He is J and i literally call him that when we chat via the messenger. To be honest, i have forgotten how does he looked like nowadays, what's left to me is his 183cm silhouette and the way his brow arches when he talks.

I always judge whoever i first talked to and most of the time they are negative impressions. Either the person is weird, boring fake etc. My idea of J was the classic stuck up asian that does not care about anything else other than making more money, always contribute his 101% regardless of his aussie laid back colleagues / company. But he does play a good role advising me about job hunting, and being angry with me when i declined a good job offer in Penang. Kudos for that.

I used to feel sorry for him as i viewed him as a no-lifer, and his works are just an anesthesia for him to avoid the reality that there are so much more than that. I always tell him :" dude, you are too harsh on yourselves", and he admit it.

Yesterday, he poured out everything, i don't know if he cried. ( of course i secretly hope so )
He started complaining about his job, not able to cope over his work, problems with his family and the role he acts in his life. Not saying that i hate reading what he typed to me but It was so depressing and i was affected. Plus with some big fat slaps of reality regarding my future older days from one of my posse yesterday, i was so closed of going to bed early, depressed and missed my favorite Taiwanese talk show during midnight. ( fuckers)

I am just gonna skip the details but basically there are lots of expectations from both of our parents and i have to admit, his case is way worse than i am.
what is the best mitigation for this , we chatted and couldn't find a way out but i am sure sitting down and being diplomatic with them is not an option.
What we did for the past 20 years was avoiding talking to them but just nodding to what they said. Spoiling them with the fact that whatever they do / decide "are for our own good" ( quote from a singaporean movie "i not stupid" )

Don't get me wrong, i heart chatting with J despite my initial negative judgments on his personality. Maybe he loves chatting to me likewise, maybe not and i don't care. But having a mysterious (kinda) guy to chat / vent to is something people should be jealoused of. Just imagine us like Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly in " you've got mail " . Of course minus the romance bits, shoo~

Shocker of the day : Singaporean authourity will start sending in brochures to help if you are over 30's and still single.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Speaking of perseverance, here I write again after a long pause since the IELTS test.

I love my life after graduation, no more tedious calculations waiting for me in the tote. No more Excels, Visio and more importantly some arrogant "Chined" faces.
I just have to dedicate my daily routine to typing resume, cover letters and waiting for replies. No excessive oxidizing / aging process going on and I can feel my skin is calmer and more tauten (quote from Penelope).

On the other side, mom's over-caring attitude can be annoying tho. I don't even need an alarm clock nowadays as she will ring me at 10.00 a.m sharp just to make sure i don't miss any calls from my potential employer. ( annoying sometimes can evolve to pest )

I have to say, I love interviews as it is the only time I speak English in Malaysia. ( apart from occasional lame calls from my labels over-indulged cousin ) Some of the HR executives were nice and jovial, but you may end up with an oppressive douche. I remember I received a question once on how to earn respect from lower ranked personnel but with 20 years experience. Then the next 3 following question will be : "what if they still don't respect you" .
(p/s: for freshies out there, HR means human resource, not Helena Rubinstein)

Next I just waited for replies. Mind you, working efficiencies vary throughout countries and companies. They may take weeks and some close to one month to give feedback. Thus, I eat, pray, love (this book apparently inspired millions of readers in US, Oprah loves it til death ) with patience and finally I receive several offers.

I have a trick to make the whole waiting process seems like a heaven. Just remember, take it easy and your parents are there to finance you. If you don't get a job, they won't disown you as if you didn't get A's in exam. Please, the economy is in contraction and they know it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here i am again blogging to comfort myself that i do make a revision for the coming IELTS exam.

Thought of the day:
like today, i had a sudden contemplation and it freaked me out a little. How much time did i spend in year speaking English? Judging from the number of people in my circle of friends, 60% of them are from China.

Main Entry:
2 days ago, i came up with a new term the "shallow eater", "food non- adventurous" or "eating safe"
Ever went out with any friends and they just sticked with their only preference from the menu?
When you asked them, they just say they hardly ever get bored with it. If they have made a new choices, then they might end up suffering due to the new dish is not within the range of their liking.
i went out shopping with lumpy 2 days ago and we had dinner at this new restaurant somewhere boxhill. I was to tired to make any orderings as my legs were killing me resulted from 4 hours of walking. Thus i just threw the menu to lumpy and hope for the best.

the decision was ended up with chicken and bland noodles. I suggested a Taiwanese stinky tofu as a complementary for the boring decision, and lumpy was so scared of trying it and begged me not to order it. That was where i had the sudden epiphany.

If a person is so scared of trying new dishes, i couldn't help but wonder wouldn't the ODD behaviour like this will be reflected by his/her daily routine as well? bet certainly it does. For instance, if they only like certain dishes, as a result, they only go to that particular restaurant / hair salon / cinema / brothel /brand. And the daily lives will just continue to re-cycle that direction. Wouldn't they miss out so many interesting things that might be just a stone away from where they lived?
Inevitably, i also think they are just purely ignorant (probably minor selfish and coward) and just didn't acknowledge the existence of other (better) foods that created for them to try, i pity the chef.

i have another friend, lets call her yoyo. For the first few years when i know her, she was all about this chinese restaurant. The restaurant was the mecca of her lives and she probably will spend at least 3 times in a week having the infamous soggy , over dried ( juxtaposition i know, but that's the point, i don't even know ow they make it) dumplings and over bland dan dan noodles . It was until months ago then she was exposed to this new lanzhou noodle shop. And since that day she never mentioned the chinese restaurant anymore.

so, to fella readers who is dining conservatived (new word again), the world doesn't revolve just around that particular place you always go, if it does, what is the The Age Good Food Guide for?

Monday, July 21, 2008

bloody Siamese movie, always got me affected

Saturday, July 19, 2008

a come back blog

Listening to N.E.R.D "yeah you" right now and strutting in Paris runways with full on attention, ok the later part is just my pure imagination.
sometimes i can be inherently naive.
(oh well at the very least i totally know my capability of what i can and CANNOT achieve, judging from my physical appearance. Ain't like somebody or anybody who will slam themselves at a random modeling agency and self declare a walking wardrobe.

so ok, i had my very final university exams and i passed!, which also means for the coming semester, i will be purely researching and designing projects given by supervisors, how pro can that be... (grins). Had a wholesome holiday as i have splurged quite a bit revamping my new wardrobe. okok i know fella readers will be so curious about the labels and brands i lay my eyes on, here comes:

Morrissey (whoa), Ermenegildo Zegna (betch), Ksubi, roger david and some other random not worth mentioning junks. I know i know, labels and Kenji are inseparable right now, and my mom is gonna kill me if i tell her.

did i mention i nearly spent about 1700AUD alone for this holiday? firstly was the Sydney escapades, then retails (as mentioned above) as well as my newly bought PSP . This may sound ridiculous but i do believe the power of my PSP will hinder me from the future extravagant expenditures (finger crossed)
Sydney trip was a blast, firstly it was fabulously fabulous, makeups and haute outfit were the things that make me looked so perfect throughout the trips. Not to mentioned how much i have eaten in a day and stay slim and fit for the newly bought clothings.
the trip was planned about 5 weeks ago after i have dared lumpy that he will not go anywhere ever. (tip 1: for women out there, men are not meant to be dared, if you want to get something, just dare them and i will guarantee 99% this trick will work miraculously)

accompanied by i-phone, we stayed at a 3 stared hotel situated at somewhere Pitt Street. i will just rate it as moderate in terms of services, but a 5 stars plus 2 my happy thumbs up for the price. If any travelers who intend to have a good long city escapades, honestly i would say any hotels in the city aren't not even close to ideal. To the contrary, if anyone plainly just need a shelter for the night, you are dumb not to choose it. Firstly, the pool+outdoor jacuzzi were under maintenance when we were there, and the size of the pool is not even worth jumping in and i bet Donald trump's private long bath will be way bigger that that. For the jacuzzi, if anybody wants to know how doe it looked like, just go and have a look at THE SIMS.

services, it is above average for me, but i couldn't help but wonder how old was the receptionist who checked us in... hmmm probably he is only 16 and speaking of child labouring in Pakistan (hehe). Oh i have to ask fell readers, is it just me being too picky or Aussie's hoteliers are just too broke to provide toiletries? i can still remember when my dad traveled all the way to China, pretty much his luggage was 10% fulled of excessive toiletries like combs, toothbrushes, cotton buds and toothpastes. BUT i couldn't find any of these in any Oz hotels, not even a single sanitary pack or tampons. Hmmm i was wondering what will happened if heavy period hits a single lady who is crazy enough forget to pack her personal necessities?